I think this attack is for France as traumatizing as 9/11 was for the US. Some other guys shot another Police officer this morning. I have been to Paris and have friends over there and the muslim neighborhoods are grimey places. Some public buses don’t even go there anymore. I think Europe has to confront the reality that “those guys” have a belief system that simply does not work with western society.

The problem is everyone over there is so damn politically correct. If you want to confront reality as it is we have to leave this bs aside sometimes and just see how things are. All those muslim countries who lost their dictators descended into anarchy. We do have to understand that some people are not made for freedom and are not compatible with a free society.

Force them to undergo some sort of psychological evaluations before they can get into the countries. Kick them out if they can not prove they speak the language properly and have integrated themselves. Yeah there will be some unfair decisions but it is what it is and its not that the western world owes these guys anything.

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")