No, I don’t agree.
The power is still on, groceries are still on the shelves, we still have some semblance of normalcy.
That isn’t implosion.

Being left alone, most of us are. I haven’t seen an FBI van sitting down the street, haven’t been denied any rights unlike others elsewhere and can still buy what I like.

Privacy? Holding an FFL I have been put under the microscope more than most, and yet I am not worried about privacy concerns really, I am not in a high risk category, I don’t call or email Turkmenistan or other excrement pits, don’t frequent pro islam websites or to put it bluntly, am not doing anything illegal that would attract attention.
The PTB want to read an email that I didn’t encrypt about great aunt ethels gall bladder, or listen to an unencrypted pjone conversation where my wife tells me to get another dozen eggs, I’m not really worried about it.

Get out or die? From where? To where?
There’s not enough “backwoods” for everyone to get out of dodge.
Not enough “resources” for the same.

This is one of the blind faith comments made by so many without really considering all the options and consequences.
I get out of dodge, my company goes under. My wife loses her job. My kids education suffers. How is that “better”?

Opsec or die? I have a gunshop, everyone knows that.
They also know I’m the rangemaster at the local indoor range and put on CCW classes.
When I was a police officer, everyone knew where I lived and when I worked.
Opsec is one of those things that’s spoken of like its some drug. A wonder cure from all of normal life. It all falls down to not doing stupid things and calling attention to oneself.

Open carry vs ccw? Calling attention.
Hanging the Gadsden Flag outside the house? Attention.
Going on Doomsday Preppers? Attention, perhaps a marketing ploy.
Talking about black helicopters, death camps and such? Attention and not good attention.

Reality is an interesting place to live most of the time.
Half the town knows what I drive,