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Those terrorists just dont understand how much worse they make the life of all muslims by doing what they do. Natural selection should swiftly take care of them. – See more at: http://community.shtfschool.com/forums/topic/12-dead-in-islamist-terror-attack-at-satirical-french-publication/page/2/#sthash.GEFzgBvW.dpuf

Jay, a huge part of the problem here is that whereas the Islamic community has many internal divisions (Shia vs Sunni for example) to the general public they come across as unified in their lack of condemnation of the jihadis and more tellingly their lack of support for the underlying principles of Western culture…..secular govt., freedom of religion, and freedom of speech.

Vermont only has a single mosque serving a small but growing Islamic community as evidenced by their about to expand the mosque from 5,000 sq. ft. to 15,000, and having quickly raised the money to pay for it. I just went on their website and there is not a single word condemning what happened in Paris yesterday. In response to the Boston Marathon bombings, their public statement totally ignored the Islamic connection to the bombings. Last year they bullied a small restaurant into changing its sign that included bacon as part of its breakfast advertisement. They saw it as their right to not be offended by the sight of bacon. In news interviews they have come out and said that they do not believe in separation of church and State. They also publicly said that most of the terrorism being committed these days is not done by Muslims. They have no intention of assimilating into Western culture but rather expect that we will change our system to reflect their culture. I can only assume that as their numbers grow so will their demands. The community that the mosque is in just happens to be the only community that will be receiving Muslim refugees in VT under the current Federal resettlement programs. That surely is not a coincidence, though I suppose it is best that only a single town is dragged down into the insane political correctness accommodating their non-assimilation demands than multiple communities.

I do not understand why our political leaders continue to avoid the profound culture clash that exists.