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better way to have lighting cheap is to use single solar panel or daisy chain ( to optimize use micro rated panels that are the same because it will only work as fast as crappiest one) Without inverter use a charge controller between panel and 24v big truck battery ( if you can afford $$ then buy ecamion battery) then. buy a strip light like http://www.nightsky-led.com/panel-lights without a ballast add a capacitor between the battery and the lights to allow for uniform lighting those units are rugged you can take out single strips and move around if you have to.

This is not an endorsement for that BDS it is just to show the type of lights you should be buying, better to have a good light than a mickey mouse solution that will leave you wanting.

http://www.rigidindustries.com/content/e-series-led-light-bars these bars are for vehicles so 12 v battery look at how tough they are in the video and they light they give off they can be used to light many scenarios. Cheap no but you can find the manufacturer on alibaba if you get enough to group buy

Make sure the controller and capacitor are in metal containers that are grounded, in case of emp or large solar flare activity

If you can have a spare panel, remember panels are rated as such +-10% of rated value 5% decay PER year so buy according to decay at end of 20 year life cycle not at rated output. (incidentally why most solar farms will fail)

Only panels i have come across and have real data on that exceed their production capabilities and are super sturdy are Day4 and tenK ten k has a great reflector set up but are more designed for grid power not for consumer dc.

When mounting solar panels remember most frames are to keep edges form being damaged by strikes not a mounting frame any vibration from wind causes micro fracture in cells reducing life, most solar cells are soldered together, depending how affects the life of the product why Day4 is best it uses an alloy fusion method which is solder less and makes hundreds of redundant connections but the company is out of business but you can still find panels. In sites in germany it is now year ten no appreciable loss in output.

Biggest concerns for most is not lighting but pumping…. water water everywhere but not a drop to drink… think about your well pump….. what happens when it fails? or grid down?using an emergency well bucket is a joke you need to think laterally alot of vehicles will be left behind, do you know how to take out a fuel pump? it runs off the battery which in most cases will be good even if car out of gas. do you know how to take it out? to you have longer hoses to use to get to gas in gas station or water in a well?

or you can use http://www.greencupboards.com/blog/2011/07/14/2-liter-bottles-of-light/ easy but daytime use only