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This is to elaborate on my comment yesterday about folks that are going to have a rude awakening when the reality of the details hits them. None of us will cover every detail but most plans seem to have rather glaring holes in them. Just hitting a single topic here, many plans assume gardens will supply food post-SHTF but how many of those folks have seeds set aside for those gardens? Canning supplies or other means of food preservation? A couple dozen jars isn’t going to do it. Replacement lids? Vinegar or the means to make it? If the garden doesn’t already exist, do they have any idea how labor intensive it will be to get the soil turned over the first time and the plot readied for planting? My new garden is 75’X170′ (12,750 sq. ft or about .3 acres). It was a day’s work for a guy with an industrial sized rototiller. Doing it by hand would have been a monumental undertaking. Then a wet spring made clear that a couple parts of it were too wet and a trench along the wood line was needed to divert water away from the garden. Another day’s work for a guy with a small backhoe. I wouldn’t have wanted to have to do that by hand post-SHTF, but prior to the garden plot going in I didn’t realize the water diversion would be needed. Fencing or other deer/other critter defense? And so forth. Details do matter.