Knife fighting with heavy blades like the Kukri orBowie styles are different than the dagger styles.

Both can be quite lethal and effective, but the methodology of use is almost opposite.

The big blades are used more to hack and remove pieces. Targeting fingers, wrists, and yes tendons and arteries/veins. They have the length and weight to get through the tougher materials and structures.

Most daggers, modern combat knives and folders cannot compete. And unless you are using a knife like the Gerber MkII or a Randall you don’t really have the length to work with for deep stabs, so are best using the “death of a thousand cuts” or the “sewing machine” styles.

One thing, outside of movies most professional knife artists use a conventional grip, the blade extending from the hand normally, not the icepick style style so popular in movies.
It extends the range of the weaoon and doesn’t limit your attack or defensive styles.

For a fairly comprehensive, quick series of lessons on styles and such, take an SKD (spontaneous knife defense) class. Your eyes will be opened.