Face it, anything you broadcast unencrypted is fair game to anyone with enough tech.

Track our every move? Theres little need for most people, however the target “audience”, that’s another matter.

Certain members of society, such as the Tsarnaev’s, cartel members and such, realistically are the target of this not so much Suzy Homemaker.

There’s always been privacy vs intelligence arguments, and both sides can be convincing and correct depending on the circumstances.

As far as the current administration goes, there’s little they won’t do to demonize, criminalize, and subject the American people to.

They want to track me, to dig into what I do and post? Someone is going to very bored. With certain things I have no expectation of privacy, especially in todays world of internet theft and such.

All it is anymore is a modernized “Coconut Telegraph”.
Don’t want it printed, don’t do it.

SETEC ASTRONOMY was just the beginning.