3. Like a Trapped Army…………..Jan 3rd, 2015
Mankind has a path, a choice, a decision. However, a time comes when he finds no paths, has no choices and decisions are taken from his hands. Events overtake mankind and he has few choices. Unlimited opportunities suddenly narrow, and few remain.

Currently, people feel unrestrained. Many options are at their fingertips. More and more choices are made available. The time is coming when all of this will be reversed. Options taken away. Opportunities no longer available. Human life reduced to the necessities.

Opportunities have been squandered. Calls to repentance have been scorned. Mankind has chosen the wide road instead of the true one. Like an army that has foolishly allowed itself to be drawn into a trap, mankind has chosen the wrong road and has arrived at the wrong place. Nothing can be done because the darkness which guided man still has power. No one listens to me.

So, the events will come. The illusions will be destroyed. When freed from that false light, mankind will have a second chance. The events of darkness can become a door into light. The dark events hold a hidden blessing.

4. True Paths To Light……….Jan 4th, 2015
Amid all the darkness, many paths to light will suddenly appear. Those who have faith will see them and those who believe will walk them. How important will be these locutions, the words of your mother. They will describe everything.

In the midst of the difficulties, my words will point out the false roads and the false leaders. Indeed, many, in their great anxieties, will throw away caution and will follow those leaders. They will choose roads that, in more normal times, they would have easily rejected. Such will be the anxiety that grips so many.

Those who listen, believe and walk in my words, will experience a peace, even amid great difficulties. Those with even a mustard seed of faith, will find great strength. How many hearts I will stir to great devotion. Many will help others. Families will be united because they so need one another. Those who have abandoned the faith, will see how important it is to return.

These are the true paths to light. Reject quick and easy solutions which have no power to touch the heart. My new paths to light will take place within. Amid the greatest difficulties, I will pour out my greatest lights. I must speak through these locutions so all know where to look for my gifts.

5. Events Affecting America…………..Jan 5th, 2015

The path is so dangerous that only those who take my hand will walk safely. They will know that a special guidance is coming from the words that I speak.

Right now, all is light. Life continues as usual. The problems seem so far away, just reports of news in other parts of the world. Fear does not grip America. Its eyes are on the stock markets, the drop in gas prices and on all the playoff games. These absorb people’s hearts.

But I speak deep within, of events which will deeply disturb this way of life, events which begin slowly. At first, they will not be seen as serious. However, they will continue and grow. I speak of moments when the news is not just about far away events which affect the lives of others, but of national events, that pierce America’s lifestyle.

When these happen, will you turn away from your games? Will the seed of faith still be alive in your hearts? For some, yes. For many, no. When I promise to take you safely by my hand, I am speaking about your life of faith. That will be the only power which can help you to survive the future events. My words will keep that faith alive.

6. Stars in the Darkest Night

I want you to see and to understand. When the events take place, people will react. One darkness will lead to another. Human decisions will cause greater darkness and suffering. When events take place, they affect everyone, the good and the bad, those who caused the events and the innocent ones. Everyone’s life is changed.

What can I do? I can give light. I can give the words of a mother. My children will see. They will understand. First, they will know that I have spoken ahead of time. They have already experienced my words. They have hungered and looked forward to my words. Their hearts are already open and they have already learned how to receive.

I will not hold back my words, and with the words come my greatest helps. My words will have a strange power. They will pierce the heart. I will bring my words to their minds again and again. My children will cling to my words. They will look to my words as stars in the darkest night. They will be like Columbus of years ago who made his way across the ocean by the light of the stars. Such will be my words in the darkness.