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I’m sure Toby will tell you what you missed, if anything, but you sure have thought this through. I am not familiar with zipper eaze. Will that keep the zipper mechanism from freezing up on you? You have yourself getting dressed half and half (top 1st, then bottom). I’d consider stripping down entirely 1st so as to make sure the dry shirt etc being put on doesn’t get wet from the wet pants you are still wearing. Having the hand warmers at the ready is a smart move because after immersion your hands will quickly become almost unusable otherwise due to the cold. The long zipper pulls & straps will help with the temporarily compromised hand dexterity too.

After all this discussion yesterday, I made sure to really bundle up this morning when I went for a walk, including wearing biker/runner tights (and undies with the wind shield layer) under my jeans. The only ice I encountered of course was on the road. No pond adventures for this boy.