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If we are throwing out books and resources, the main guy that should never be forgotten in reference to bushcraft has been ignored…. Mors Kochanski.

I was recently asked the same question that is being discussed here. After thinking about it, I described the difference as this:

In Dual Survival (new ones) think about Cody’s replacement, Matt. While Joe is out doing things, he builds a complete camp with recliners, raised bed, etc. This is bushcrafting. Now think about the guys (except Matt and the old guy) from Dude You Are Screwed. That is survival. Survivalists sleep in the dirt, starve, and have difficultly in finding water. Bushcrafters build a camp next to a water source, trap and forage. Anyone see the episode where the old guy just sat there chilling out on the beach enjoying the seafood? That was bushcrafting.