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IMHO, the best bushcraft book is ‘Naked Into the Wilderness’ by John McPherson and Geri McPherson which was re-released as ‘Ultimate Guide to Wilderness Living’. With these books they talk about long term sustainable living in the wilderness with absolutely no modern manufactured items.

Mors Kochanski’s book Bushcraft is mostly about using steel cutting tools on wood. It’s a good supplemental book to ‘Ultimate Guide to Wilderness Living’.

A third book in the set would be ‘Modern Hunting with Indian Secrets’ by Allan A. Macfarlan. It’s out of print but can be found on Amazon. It was re-released as ‘Exploring the Outdoors with Indian Secrets’.

Both books by Macfarlan are essentially the same book, one was just retitled. These unique books cover hunting the various varieties of game in North America using the techniques and tools of the native tribes, and how those techniques can be applied to a hunter with a modern firearm.