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Usually I try to stay quiet until I see if anyone else addresses what I was going to mention. Too many times I have piped up at the beginning of a thread only to find that there was not enough discussion going on yet, so the thread dies. I also like to get other people’s perspective and weigh it against my thoughts so I have a more “well rounded” opinion. As a friend seems to always say, “meh.”

As for steel, many heavier duty vehicles have much more steel and are stronger than others. Take for instance the difference between a Ford cargo van and a newer Toyota van. Better gas mileage and more comfy in the Toy, but I would rather have cinder blocks thrown at me while in the old Ford…… None are going to stop a bullet, new or old. Old might fair better if you have to punch a hole in a road block, however. It is also easier to weld onto heavier steel than lighter panels/doors if you end up doing repairs or modifications as well. Need a propane tank carrier, fuel can carrier, tow bar, spare tire rack, place for the in-laws to sit while driving? Weld away……

Again, I agree that the right time to move is more important the vehicle. If you pick the wrong time, however, then vehicle choice might raise a few spots on the list.