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Ok…. I was going to be quiet about this just because I am very opinionated and really do try to leave things alone many times, but after watching his video I can’t help it:

WTH is this idiot talking about? He contradicts himself several times: Your bug out vehicle doesn’t need to be something that you are ever going to fight out of or needs to me armored, but then he talks about driving down a quiet road where someone takes a pot shot and shoots the driver in the head? Seriously? Pick one, not both depending on how your rambling goes. Also, he then talks about not needing an armored vehicle because everyone is just going to be working to get rule of law put back in place, but the talks about “not getting lit up” because you drive an armored vehicle? So which is it? No armor, look like a victim because you are going to “get lit up” or protect yourself and yours because you are going to “get lit up?” How about the vehicle itself? He says that you should have steel wheels and it should look like a POS, but then he shows a newer van with aluminum wheels and nice paint? Have a “piece of junk” but make sure it is in good shape? Make sure your vehicle is “protective” because some guy is going to throw stuff at you, but you don’t need to be worried because earlier you said we are all going to be trying to restablish “rule of law.” These are just a few of his rambling contradictions…..

This guy needs an editor and as you can see, I am not a fan of his. He might have some nice ideas on some things, but I hate the way that he pushes some weird agenda that I can’t put my finger on. If he had just done a review of several types of bug out vehicles and then concentrated on what he liked and why, I wouldn’t be bugged as bad by it. Instead he seems to preach his opinion as gospel. “Dewd… Pick something and report without telling why it is better than everything else. Just tell why YOU like it.”

My thoughts: Your vehicle must be able to make it through bad roads and blocked roads, must be mechanically sound, needs to be easy to repair, and has to be able to protect you from any number of dangers to include people. The first couple I mentioned really are common sense. The protection thing really comes down to this: When you look at war torn countries, what do you see in regard to disabled/burned out vehicles? Mostly local ones that yell “I am a victim.” Why would you expect to make it through a “check point” in a mini van? Anyone that has ever watched war footage knows that check points and road blocks are easy restocking points for people. If you come across one (and you will because the general population have a sense of entitlement and they think that yours should be theirs) you can expect to be robbed. So why wouldn’t I want to plan for that? I am not talking about a Mad Max vehicle, but I am talking about something that has heavier steel and enough power to evade/sneak past/circumvent/whatever these type scenarios. I also don’t see where a generally hungry population would risk assaulting an armored vehicle when people in a mini van might be an easier target….. Just saying that no matter what you pick, you are going to be screwed so pick what works for you and yours…..

It really doesn’t matter what you drive or use, imo. I think that the main thing is timing and how quickly you can bug out before you do have to worry about the general population, government restrictions, and impassible road conditions. The longer you wait, the worse it will get whereever your are.