Toby C
Toby C

As I mention at the beginning the ‘immersion drills’ are progressive in Nature. This is a very ‘early’ level drill (but still far more than is taught to almost anyone out there), so while challenging it does have a number of safety factors in place around it, put simply, the more the drills advance, the more safety ‘nets’ are removed and the longer exposure to the water itself and then the subsequent stripping, drying re-warming time becomes.

Simply put, falling through the ice is one of the greatest hazards you can face here in the winter and even with the right training, correct equipment and a lot of luck still has a BIG part to play! One of the general ‘rules’ here is don’t be on the ice if you don’t need to be… :P

Does that help…?

Yes, I like Wim’s stuff a lot :)