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What ever we have when it happens, is sure to be what we will use. If an individual had the opportunity or needed to replace a vehicle with keeping bugging out in mind, buying a van would be a wise approach.

Rear drive cargo vans have the same characteristics as the truck chassis counterpart they are based on. A pickup will not perform any better or worse then a van body on the same chassis. Only extremely high cross winds have an effect on a 5000 lb truck/van, a car would not fare much better.

As far a using weight for traction, a van like any truck can carry enough weight to plow through just about any snow. Last winter I drove my van 500 miles with deep snow on the roads, through a snow storm and had no problems. Because I was hauling 2000 lbs of cargo. Driving in mud or sand is a whole different matter. Weigh is the enemy when you’re on soft ground.

Because a cargo van is a truck it can carry the weight of your bug-out equipment using the full rated vehicle capacity then pull a loaded trailer in addition.

Using my van as an example:
2500 Extended Wheelbase
Trailering & Payload
Curb Weight (lbs.) 5505.00 lbs
Max Payload (lbs.) 3095.00 lbs
GVWR (lbs.) 8600.00 lbs
Max Conventional Trailering (lbs.) 7200 lbs
GCWR (lbs.) 13000 lbs

Mini vans should not be confused with cargo vans. A cargo van is a truck with a van body. A minvan is a car with a van body. Tolik, soccer moms should not be confused with other drivers.