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Yup Ny is a state utterly out of control with a runaway bureaucracy and insane politics. There is something going drastically wrong. Its like watching a miracle when the cops turn their backs on Blasio. For an ex cop to lose his gun permit because of insomnia is nuts. The really bad part is I don’t think the courts will do anything. Its a kind of fear. Everyone is afraid of government, government authority, government regulations, government programs, government itself. It costs big $$$. I can’t even get to the local motor vehicle office here without going thru a metal detector. Going into a local sports bar today I noticed a big sign. Bags subject to search. Why? I don’t have a clue why anyone would move to Ny. There is a net outflow of retirees and young people. It simply costs to much to live here. The state police are working hard arresting watching controlling the psychos. I guess they will be arresting each other soon. This is one of the first public cases. $ .02