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We used to do a BO almost every weekend with a van. Killington and Stowe ski areas are about a 4 hour drive from here. My wife would get off work at 11 pm and we would trek up into the hills with our E250 longvan and find a place to sleep until the ski area opened in the morning. Then we would ski all day and find a lodge or motel later. It would get cold. You can’t insulate a window van with curtains. In the snow vans are terrible. There just isn’t enough weight in the rear end. The wind will blow one off the road like nothing. Other than those things we like them… in the summer. I wish we had one again. Just a good bed in back is all you really need and chains if its snowing hard. Although some of the scariest moments we ever had were coming down from Alta ski area outside Salt Lake City. A long line of traffic and our brakes were overheating. Never again will I have anything but a standard transmission in the mountains. For a BO vehicle an auto is not my cup of hot chocolate. I’ve been on too many mountain roads to bet my life on brakes alone.