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Whether to bug out or not is a situational thing. Sometimes you may not have a choice, one way or another. People bug out every day in various crisis around the world. Some are refugees, some willfully displace themselves to new lodgings. Many use vehicles, and most are civilian type vehicles, trucks, sedans, and even families loaded onto motorcycles. You see people like that in the news all of the time.

People have been bugging out since time began. The ones that are prepared are called nomads. Nomads solve the problem of not having a ‘BOL or retreat in the fact that they bring their BOL/retreat with them.

To be nomadic is not to keep moving all of the time, but to have the ability to relocate when necessary. This allows you to move ahead of trouble, not to try and re-enact a fiction movie like Mad Max. If you wait that long to leave, you have screwed up badly.

So, what is a good bug out vehicle?

Technically it’s anything that can get you out of danger when you need it too. In practical reality, for those who are preapred, it’s any vehicle that can haul you and the gear you need to setup camp indefinitely someplace else.

By ‘camp indefinitely’ that means sanitation, a warm place to sleep, a way to cook food, a dwelling you control, maybe grow a garden, possibly hunt, trap, and fish, maybe even get a job locally or maybe set up a small workshop or business. You can have it in town, at the edge of town, on some rural property, or deep in a national forest, tucked away out of sight.

The modern Mongolian nomads do this. Each family has a truck that they load their dwelling and all of the gear and furniture for their nomadic household onto. They have wood stoves, and many have solar panels, deep cycle batteries, and even small satellite dishes. If you look inside a modern Mongolian nomadic home, you will notice that there are a lot of nicely painted boxes that make up much of the furniture. Those double as the packing crates to store everything during a move. They have a nomadic lifestyle that is long term sustainable.

Modern Americans can do something very similar with either an RV or a tent based system utilizing a large military surplus tent or a large outfitter tent that can use a wood burning stove. A pickup, a van, or even a sedan with a trailer hitch and a generic, common utility trailer will do.

This is a country where 80% of the adults own a vehicle that typically has a range of at least 300 miles or more on a full tank of fuel. This is a very large country that is well mapped and there are a lot of roads, most reasonably well maintained and usable. Spend a few weekends checking out possible retreat locations well in advance, rate them, and keep a record of it. You can mount a trailer hitch onto almost any vehicle, and trailers, both enclosed and unenclosed are available in a variety of sizes.

Now, is this as comfy as the mythical ‘eternal fortress’ that most survivalists and preppers dream about? A fortress stocked with 10 years worth of food, fuel, and ammo?

No, but unlike the eternal fortress, this is something that everyone can afford to do, not just dream about it. An ‘eternal fortress’ like that is also a potential death trap for many reasons.

A lot of people have literally tons of stuff stored in their house or apartment, but odds are that dwelling is insecure in the long term, technologically, financially, politically, and tactically. Most homes are subject to foreclosure, modern American apartments tend to become almost unlivable without power and water, etc. Anything you cannot haul away is disposable and a potential waste of resources.