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Tolik, yes adding sand (or cement blocks or bricks) is another old solution for winter driving. When I lived in MA and headed up to VT every weekend, my observation was it was always the folks who thought their SUV somehow made them invincible that were going off the road. MA salts its roads heavier than VT does. When I’d get to the State line during snowstorms I’d slow down because it was the prudent thing to do given the conditions changed noticeably. There would always be a few folks heading up the interstate from CT & NY that didn’t slow down and before we got to Exit 1 they’d be off the road. It got to the point that as they sped past me I’d guess which ones would crash, and I had a pretty good success rate calling it. After Exit 1, there would rarely be another accident the rest of the way because all the Darwin Award candidates would have already crashed.