It will most likely be what we have on hand , this means for some of us a plain old pick up truck . Not the best , but not the worst either . Camper shell , and its not all bad . Can take a little bit of abuse , can go down bad roads , if you dont do anything stupid , and maneuverability sucks , but it will probably get you there . I have to comment about his recommendation about mini vans and vans in general . When I lived back east , more often than not , 8 times out of 10 , the car going sideways into the ditch during a snow and ice storm , was a VAN . little cars you wouldnt think would make it , did , but soccer moms van was in the ditch . Just Sayin

74 , when I lived in Maine , I never bought snow tires or chains , instead , I just put 200 lbs of bag sand , in the back of the truck over the rear wheels , and never had a problem . Then again , the cardinal rule for weather like that is dont be in a hurry . the I-95 speed limit was 45 mph during inclement weather , everybody did 35 . Most people got to where they were going .