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Interesting comments about the different culture in Maine. In today’s Survival Blog there is a listing of the 10 most violent States and the 10 least violent. My VT-NH-ME grouping fits your comment about the ways of the world in that VT was the least violent, ME the 2nd least violent, and NH the 6th least violent States in the country. We apparently live in a very civil non-violent bubble relative to the rest of the country. If Canada broke up and we added New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland & Labrador we’d have more of the same culturally I think. As for the most violent, the southern tier of States is heavily represented with NM the 2nd most violent, NV the 3rd most violent, TN the 4th, LA the 5th, SC the 6th, FL the 9th, and AR the 10th.

I think history has shown that when countries partition there is a lot of population movement to what people see as their areas. That might address some of the very non-homogenous State situations. I know that where my daughter lives in suburban Charlotte, NC most of the folks are northern transplants. I rarely hear a southern accent there. My guess is that some would return north if the country partitioned and they had to choose between cultures.