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Robin wrote:
In my 5 years living in Japan I learned to “dance.” The house where I lived was mostly Japanese but with a Western flair. Propane tanks for cooking and heat. The whole place ran on 30 amps. “Dancing” was using more than two electrical items at the same time. Microwave had to be used by itself. If the air conditioner was running you might use something electrical but most times it would pop the breaker.

We call that “power management” but it clearly is a Dance! I have hopes of working up a home system for myself that uses Solar-charged battery banks, and automated power management. One really cool example would be to have the AC go to fan only when other bigger loads kick on. MOST if not ALL of our household AC appliances are designed to use a lot of power,
#1 It’s cheaper to produce an inefficient appliance
#2 The utilities make a larger profit

Switching to certain RV appliances and newer type stuff is going to make these off-grid homes and BOL’s a feasible venture.

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