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what happens if we are forced to leave the RV ?
the same question also apply to our house, car, even our last bug out location
( i think selco ever discuss about it )
so keep in mind that we dont have to “sacrifice” our family life just for our “physical possession”
first thing that came into mind is Bug Out Bag
think it as the last “retreat”,
if any circumtances we have to leave 80-90% what we have
our priority are choose / pick which thing we can carry
to ensure our family life
even if we are forced to flee in foot
( like if any man forcing us with bigger gun to leaving our RV or car or even bug out location )
so what in it ?
the firrst thing are … Gold and silver
( think like Jew refugee that run from NAZI )
okay-okay we cannot eat gold… so we will not eat it
( same as we will not eat our knife, ammo
even eating spoon are not possible…
so keep in mind that we will not eat gold and silver in any way…
and using them in proper usage )
when “the dust are settle” we can barter it for land or tool or whatever we need including food
yup… mobile and portable “asset” that we can carry by hand
second… or course food and water at least for 3 days
( that’s why we dont have to eat gold and silver )
third… survival kit ( LED flashlight, spare battery, portable solar charger, multitool, portable knife, water filter, tarp, poncho, small plastic rope, needle, fishing snare, and many more little thing that ensure our survival chance…
but are not weighing our BOB too much )
fourth… small barter item
i think selco ever mentioned it… cheapo gas lighter…
we can carry as much as 20 to 30 gas lighter without weighing BOB
for making fire… and if we need to “barter” it with food
( rural people will accept it in exchange with their “excess” food )
of couse we will not using BOB in extended time ( more than 3 days )
more over if we have family ( wife and kids )
so the proper “strategy” are to ensure our family survival
( still live and safe in searching new “home” or “shelter” or BOL or just heading for the hill, cave or any save place that we can think of )
and we still have “any means” if we are forced to start all over again from zero when we back to the society
( gold and silver proof it for thousand of year )
fifth… all prepper or survivalist know it well
weapon or any defence tool ( whether it is just a simple stick
or laser pointer… DIY bow and arrow or else )
The Last Thing but not least
We pray to God for His guidance and protection