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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>RROAMM wrote:</div>found this on thesurvivalmom.com, it is a nice read and down in the comments section, a commenter went and did a USDA RDA calculation on the nutritional value of the meal plan.


It is a good start for someone just beginning to get their food storage going.

Esther Dickey wrote Passport to Survival in 1969. Scrounging around a second hand bookstore years later I bought it for 7 bucks. Same thing but more recipes. Four foods to use and store. It doesn’t mention buckwheat. A small oversight with so much wheat and oats around. I did just see a story about a shortage of buckwheat in Russia though. It doesn’t seem possible to me unless its being stockpiled. That’s a signpost. Russians prepping up to US destabilizing the world. Food prices going up. The turbulent 60s and 70s all over again but more so.