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Well, you have to try it and see that it is amazing, but then again, EE’s are the hardest heads to convince. Let’s just say that my (classical) training and experience ALSO tells me “it can’t be done” but I have seen otherwise. The system produces high voltage, high frequency pulsed DC and that phenomenon produces excellent charging effects in batteries. Practically all any “EE” knows is a closed system circuit, and these are all open systems, with environmental through-put and outputs exceeding our inputs. If you had about 2 hours, I could explain it in common known electrical terms, but with new explanations to old unanswered questions. It involves counter-EMF and regauging magnetic fields without power consumption ;)

An “F.E. Experimenter” buddy of mine calls it Field Juggling and that is precisely what it is. Think of the power factor stuff, and the “i” axis of imaginary numbers. Tapping the Aether and all of that. It all goes well beyond “Classical Electrodynamics” and pushing electrons. Fascinating stuff!

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