undeRGRönd wrote:

I have a device that I replicated from free e-book plans that charged a whole table full of batteries (~500AH) for 60 watts input, it was in fact overcharging them! I am not pursuing this device, as it is already “open-source” but I am working on proving overunity (“free energy” if you will) with a vastly scaled up and improved version of the Relay Charger that produces excess USABLE electrical current with a similar effect.

I’ve heard of such claims. But one of my specialties is applied electrical engineering- design, construction, installation and operations. I’ll state up-front, there’s no such animal as “free energy,” no such thing as free anything. My wife had tried to convince me to engineer this project, and I refused. Eventually she figured out that if “free energy” was so simple to accomplish, it would already be built and marketed by enterprising people who could do the job. The fact that lots of plans are out there, but NOBODY is marketing a working model, pretty much demonstrates the point…

Mathematics also prove that a 60-watt system is simply not useful for my application: 60 watts input on a 120-volt system works out to .5 amps. On a 12-volt battery bank, it’s only 5 amps per hour, which equals 120 amps over a 24-hour period . To recharge my battery bank with a solar system (assuming 80% depletion), I have to supply 400 amp-hours in a roughly 10-hour window of sunlight. Averaged out, that means 40 amps per hour. During peak it actually works out to about 90 amps per hour… but it’s doable. All of this, of course, 100% efficiency, so parasitic losses will decrease efficiency to somewhere around 75%. The POINT of all of these numbers, is that even if I believed “free” energy were feasible, the advertised capacity simply wouldn’t be enough.

I have one of only two options for keeping the juice running in an off-grid situation: run my generator or install a solar array. I’m NOT a fan of solar; I think it’s a huge waste of money in a “normal” situation… but in a grid-down, SHTF situation….? The feasible options dwindle to those two, and no more.

I appreciate the suggestion on the electrical, but believe me when I say that I’ve looked at this from a dozen different perspectives… And this is the path I’ve chosen as the most practical (for SHTF and for boon-docking) given all the limitations. So thanks for the idea.