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Hi C,

Thanks for the info & link!

Quick questions – do you use air spray or Lysol to freshen the “toilet area”? Do you have fly/pest issue just by using the saw dust/peat moss? Where do you get cheap/free saw dust/peat moss? Do you separate the pee from the poop (some youtube guys/composting toilet suggest/work that way)? If so, how do you “recycle” the pee? If not, how long do you need to change bags? (do you use 13 gallon bags in your 5-gallon bucket? What brand do you recommend [some are really flimsy!]?

I live in a sub-urban area (Long Island, NY) and really have no place to dig besides my backyard/front lawn. When SHTF, there might be no garbage collection and no flushable toilet for months. I don’t want to ruin my lawn sprinkler system (which covers the whole yard/lawn). And human waste piles up FAST – No composting bin/system will be big enough to hold months’ worth of humanure, even for a small family I have. Assuming the local government was not too helpful, what would you suggest to do with the many bags of humanure collection?

Hopefully there will be a centralized dumping ground – I definitely don’t want any neighbor/friends to dump their “collection” on my front lawn! (It’s definitely a crappy possibility because there are people who let their dogs poop on my lawn – which is DISGUSTING!)

Thanks for your feedback & ideas! Have a Happy New Year!