Tolik: My grandparents had one , they liked it , but got rid of it in favor of a trailer that hooked up to my grandfathers dually pick up . That way , they just dropped it , and had the truck to go places in . It was nice , like an RV , but at least they could ditch it at a camp site , then move around freely .

Yes, this is VERY much an option. In my case, with three females, any trip in a car takes about twice as long as it should, because you’re constantly stopping for bathroom breaks. As well, the little ones can only sit for a few hours at the most, before they’re jumping out of their skins… such is the way with kids. A motorhome has a decided advantage in such a situation, in that I can drive 6-8 hours without stopping, while the kids and wife can get up, move around, go lay down on the bed, watch a DVD in the back, or anything else they want, while I concentrate on the driving duties. In a SHTF scenario, the last thing I want to do is keep stopping… So the motorhome got the nod.

In your grandparents case, their choice was better; superior maneuverability and flexibility being the major advantages, from my viewpoint.