undeRGRönd : As for “inability to install a gun safe”, at least for “legal purposes” you could get a cheap Stack-On gun safe that is made to go between studs in a house, it locks and could cover your butt. There must be a way to be “legal”. If not actually secure… the cheap gun “safes” like that are not very secure.

True enough. This is a sticky area, to be sure. The space constraints inside my not-so-roomy motorhome make this a very unattractive option, unfortunately. As well, we still need something close-at-hand, should the need ever arise. My long guns are all relatively easy to get to, but the ammo is stored in different locations, so that’s fine. But pistols…?

The point of telling the story about my one unpleasant encounter with the freak and later with LEOs is to illustrate the fact that it’s best to keep your mouth firmly shut. There are even videos on youtube on how cops can twist around damn-near anything you say to use against you. The only real option available to you- especially if you don’t want your vehicle searched- is to say as little as possible. In my situation, I talked with them freely about the guy who was following us and the encounter. I did NOT tell them that the two choices I faced were either trying to use the cops to defuse the situation or escalate into a confrontation which I had no intentions of losing, with whatever force was necessary…. I’m a small guy, not skilled in fighting, so I rely on… other tools… to defend myself, if needs be. I think they recognized the fact that I wanted to de-escalate the situation, rather than let it get worse. Since I gave no indications that I had any weapons in the RV (despite their repeated prodding), they had no probable cause to search my vehicle, and that was that.

“Whirlibird: A thought, get yourself a small plot of land with an address, to make your “home”. Register your vehicle there, get new drivers licenses and CCw permits.”

I have a temporary residence (including street address) where my mail goes, and is forwarded to me. It’s still in California, however, so obtaining a CCW is unlikely, despite new court rulings that make issuance effectively “shall issue” within the state. That being said, when I obtain employment, the states that I’m looking at all have very relaxed laws, compared to CA, so that’ll help a lot. Right now it’s a waiting game.

As to the remainder of your comments, all my weapons are CA compliant. Beyond this point, I’m actually trying to avoid getting into a discussion about weapons. Everyone has their own their idea of what caliber or platform is best, and so we tailor our purchasing to match that ideal. But I will say, that having your entire SHTF arsenal with you, requires a significant amount of space, and needs to be carefully weighed against the capacity of your vehicle to carry that much. With full water and fuel tanks, all personal gear, weapons and ammunition, and everyone on-board, my RV is only 400# below it’s GVWR.