weapon storage (forget about gun safes)… and the utter absence of privacy.”

When we moved out of our house, my wife wanted to pack a LOT of sh!t that, frankly, was irrelevant. A cube that was 14″ on all sides, filled with shoes. Another box (same size) filled with hats… And while I found that annoying, what REALLY twisted me up, is that I’m the only one that actually wears hats! Beyond the few spots I commandeered for weapons storage, the internal cabin was left to her control, while the storage underneath was my sole domain. Into the storage underneath went a variety of ammunition in the sizes I use, as well as reloading gear including dies, powders, primers, etc. Total weight probably coming in around 1000 pounds, as a guess. (TIP: Ammo is bloody HEAVY!). Also underneath went my tools, chronometers, weather-station, laser range-finder, etc., etc. All the shooting gear that I didn’t want the kids to get their hands on and possibly break.

Inside the RV, you’ll find a LOT of little cubby-holes, hiding places for anything and everything. My RV has an old CB radio (which sucked @ss), which I replaced with a new, modified ham radio that covers the 10-12 meter range. I hollowed out the old radio (which is embedded into the dash) and now I have a storage compartment that I can access in <5 seconds, which is big enough to house a small-framed 9mm or .45ACP pistol. It looks completely innocuous, and so “old-school” crap, I doubt anyone would ever think that it was anything more than a crappy old radio I don’t use any more…

So in the hidey-holes are a variety of weapons, some of which can be easily found, some of which you’d have to tear the motorhome to see, if you didn’t know where it was. Long-guns are obviously harder to hide, but I confess I’ve not really looked hard to hide them, as I prefer to have them readily available. Hidden in an RV means “buried beyond easy retrieval.” I’ll have to consider my options later. As for now, my wife has hers (9mm that is the size of my palm, but laser equipped so POI=POA out to ~40 yards) and I have my .45, with the rest buried beyond prying eyes (or cops).

I’ll get to the privacy issue tomorrow…. As a hint, it’s now 1 AM as I finish up for tonight… the only time I get to read/write/think is when everyone else has gone to bed, is happily snoring away, and I’m still up. During the day, my time is NOT my own, and there’s no possibility to sit down and think about much of anything…. That’s the way it goes. So it’s time to wrap up for tonight, sneak past the kids to get to the coats at the front of the RV, grab a coat and hat so I don’t get soaked in the rain outside and have a couple of smokes. When I return, I have to sneak back in (making sure to quietly latch the front door completely to seal out the cold), shed the coat and hat, brush my teeth… and then sneak into bed, all without waking my wife (who will wake up if a mouse farts).