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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>freedom wrote:</div>Brulen, I wouldn’t lol to hard on Whirlibird. Whirlibird experience with weapons is as high as they get. I personally spend a lot of my time reading every word Whirlibird post.

So if Whirlibird says “the first place bad guys (and good guys) look for guns? Behind the right hip.” he means it.

I carry my gun on the right hip!!! LOL have to change that!

He’s right about the right hip. I’ve had people brush up against me with a very light touch in that area and it seems as if they are checking for a pistol. Its a little annoying especially since its somewhere else, most of the time. Maybe they are curious, and then maybe not. I’ve had my pocket picked only once sucessfully, with money stolen out of my wallet. That was a relative btw.