<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Brulen wrote:</div>Galco, Miami classic eh Whirlibird. Under the arm barrel back, two magazine upside down on the right. although I.ve never heard of anybody making an underarm shot its possible I suppose. lol

Ran an SSII for years, with a G30. It’s basically a Miami Classic with wider straps. Wore it under tailored uniform shirts or under my jacket when the temperature cooperated. Unfortunately I loaned it out and am unlikely to get it back.
Got a Miami Classic for 1911’s also, but would avoid the modern ones, they’ve changed the safety strap to hammer down carry (stupid).

The old “Jackass” rig that was brought back is even better for carry of the larger guns, the angle used makes them much easier to deal with.

Never had to make an underarm shot, but I did see one made on “Mr and Mrs Smith”.

I normally kept my hand inside my coat (arms crossed) on those occasions when getting to my belt gun wasn’t possible.