Moving all of your stuff into a motorhome seems like a simple exercise, right? And what you can’t carry in the motorhome, you put on a trailer and tow behind the motorhome…? Uh, NO.

Lessons learned so far:

1. RVs are designed to be used for a few days or few weeks. There is NO WAY you’ll have enough storage to carry around everything you need. Blankets and bedding will fill a couple of large cabinets. Even more will be taken for clothes, coats, shoes and other gear. If you’re packing for a weekend getaway, it’s good. If you’re going to LIVE in it, for REAL? No, never enough room, no matter what you do.
2. Food storage and refrigeration in any RV is minimal. Again, enough for a short time, but NO way you’ll have enough room for any serious preps. With a family of four, we’re having to make a grocery run every 3-4 days.
3. No matter how carefully you check out your RV, you will run into problems exactly like you would on a house, but they happen with *greater* frequency than you will see in a house, because you have everyone using the same shower, or toilet or whatever. The other RV people I’ve met have told me it takes 1-2 YEARS to work all the kinks out a new unit, even when under warranty!
4. Don’t think you can simply hook up a trailer to haul your extra gear/supplies/fuel behind your RV. Motorhomes are bloody HEAVY, and they’re always close to their maximum weight capabilities (with full water tank, personal goodies, etc.) that there is little margin for adding on a substantial trailer. To put it in perspective, I’d like to tow my car behind my rig, but the car weighs 4000 pounds, a car trailer 2800 pounds, and I have only 5000 available. I’d LIKE to tow a 10,000# trailer with my car AND fuel, but that’s just not possible.
5. Having 100 gallons worth of fresh water and fuel can go a long way, if you’re very careful. The water can be stretched out at least 2-3 weeks, maybe more depending on how strict you are on consumption. Average fuel consumption is 10 MPG, if we stay at 50-55 MPH. Going up to an average speed of 60, will increase fuel consumption to 9.2 MPG. The price of driving something with all the aerodynamic properties of a brick.