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I’d like to describe my situation… which needs improving but I’m not sure what to do.

My father and older brother are about the only true allies I have in prepping. Mostly just my father. I have two brothers, and of course a mother. Recently, my mother and my girlfriend of 3 years have essentially stated that they do not like to hear about the world today, and really find prepping ‘upsetting’ and ‘doom ‘n gloom.’ So I can’t coordinate with them now! My strategy is to keep the prepping (my father agrees) extremely quiet and out of the way. It is very aggravating to me that I should have to hide the truth and play ‘pretend everything is fine and modern society is invincible and unchangeable.’ Problem is that I love my girlfriend (whom I have decided to marry, God willing) and my mother, so I will just have to deal with it.

The biggest issue? My girlfriend is BIG on family. And her family is big on family. So I imagine that when SHTF, she will want to stay with her family. So if I can’t convince her family to up and leave (they are anti-gun, citiot types I hate to say) then I’ll have to try to convince her to leave them. If that fails, I will have to leave my family and take my share of supplies, etc and try to lead them. What a headache situation!

The younger brother hasn’t done much preparing, and has increasingly shown signs of choosing denial. He is very smart with money, and therefore knows what must come soon, yet he ignores it now. I believe that if SHTF, he will go with his fiancee to die at her family’s house, as she does not like my family too much and we don’t like her. Sounds harsh, but as I said, I don’t like sugar coating things. He has not helped financially or physically with me and my Father’s efforts. I am heartbroken to admit that I have already made the difficult choice of leaving him behind willingly if he does not do as we say. But, there is nothing I can do.

The rest of my family? I have an uncle who, along with most of his family, are of the right cloth. I don’t know how far ‘down the rabbit hole’ they are, but they are certainly heading or way, mentally speaking. We are casually grooming them. They have farmland, farm skills, and one of my cousins is married to a real deal farmer! They are about an hour or so away, and may represent a new opportunity of cohesion.

My plan for the near future is to keep real quiet and only occasionally implant a thought. For example, that snowstorm in November showed how unbelievably fast stores empty. I mentioned this to my girl. Not sure if I got anywhere.

I don’t believe there’s a whole lot more I can do. I’m open to suggestions.