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It seems that most people suffer from a failure of imagination when it comes to envisioning TEOTWAWKI. Those of us that do aren’t smarter or better, we are just wired differently and see the world differently. I don’t see myself turning away any family or friends that seek my help come a major SHTF scenario. There isn’t anyone in particular that I expect to come knocking but I will help as best I can those that do, especially young adults and those with young children. Now that I am past 60, they are the future, not me. Part of what drives me I suppose is the hope that if I am helping others, perhaps others will help my kids if they can’t make it to my place. Being 850 miles away my daughter & her family wouldn never be able to make it if whatever “it” is came on suddenly. For my son it is only a 100 mile journey from his home, but who knows where any of us might be when “it” happens. For example he is in Florida right now with his wife’s family visiting her grandmother. I myself am at my daughter’s place and so far away too. None of us can have fool proof plans that guarantee we’re all in the right place at the right time, and so I will help who I can and hope that somehow others do the same.