Of course it falls to what kind of SHTF happens.
Snowmageddon? Guns for defense not the same priority as an ethnic cleansing.

Most people in the US go through their lives without needing a gun.
And short of widespread violence, most would still fall into that category.

And the same applies for most short term situations. But this can be location dependent. Chicago with a power outage of three days is a different situation than Wyoming.
There was a weeklong power outage 20 years back, nothing happened.yet in 68 NY had a three day outage and the place was bursting at the seams. The 100f temps had much to do with that also.

I know of three god fearing Christians, ministers who all go heeled, always. One is even a Quaker. But he has made the decision to defend his family and flock if trouble comes looking.
Two of the three came to their ministries later in life, post-Vietnam, post-LE, having seen the worst of man, but their flocks haven’t and generally don’t. Which for most is a good thing.