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The main killer of children and old is dehydration from diarrhea, without treatment or clean drinking water this is a big concern. What do you have in your bag for it how many doses? what do you do when it runs out?

Simple charcoal ( activated is better) will clog the back side and help with cleaning ones system, just dont use chemically treated wood.

children make noise, you will need to enact a quiet signal and have it instantly followed or you jeopardize everyone in your group. You only move as fast as slowest member of your group. your only as invisible as your worst/noisiest person.

when walking in a group or trail i know families like to group up, in a SHFT situation spacing is a life saver if running into shoot first ask second types.

the things we now take as personal space and privacy are things that will potentially get you killed ie in need to go pee and no one watching. i like my own room. personal space become a premium most cant afford better to practice before so it does not become an issue.