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Thank you 74. I sold my scuba, my stereo, and my vinyl records almost 53 years ago to buy my Wifes Wedding and Engagement ring set. Since my wife is afraid of water, at least to swim in, I no longer participate in water-related sports. Although during the summer there are at least as many motorcycles here as there are automobiles, I never did get into 2-wheel motorized methods of getting around. At age 74, I am probably too old to start now. I do still ride a bicycle and horses as well; there are 35 head of horses in the pasture behind my house that I have been given permission to exercise anytime I wish.
Sorry, this dissertation is so far removed from the discussion of the homemade gas mask. I agree that this would only provide limited protection from airborne pandemic contaminents. The only positive result over the n-95 mask itself would be be to limit the amount of skin and your eyes that could be exposed. Ron S