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Tolik Agree that the way SS was in writing it is beautiful but man will never let it work and steal from it. It is the same story about Communism in writing it is beautiful for all of us to be equal and to have the same amount of food for all. That will never happen here on Earth only in Heaven.

pokeranger, I hope India does the right thing with privatizing. What sometimes happens when change like this rapid private ownership happens the govt has elites that they give the first change to buy and do not let others buy.

It is still good news. Remember that there is no perfect system. Also remember that every country uses a different type of Capitalism mixed with something else.

When America had pure Capitalism it grow so fast and everyone had jobs, it was when America changed to a mix where they send jobs over seas, started using Socialism. SS was the start of Socialism, great idea but like all of the Socialism programs they make people depended on these programs. ObamaCare is another Socialist program where they want to get it out there so the people become depended on ObamaCare and can’t live without it.

All of these Socialist programs were made to make the people depended on the government.

I have a question! What did all the old do before SS? Was there more family taking care of there old? Did SS change that YES, now we want SS to pay for where we put them in home care systems. Before we had our fathers and mothers move in to our homes and we took care of them till they pass away. What happen? Socialism which is also anti-family, anti-God is the reason. We are the family that needs to take care of our old not the government. Remember all of the Socialist programs sounds great on paper but in real life they are not, they are all programs that are made for the people to become more and more depended on the government so the people can’t survive without them.

This is why we have this forum because we do not trust the government agencies like FEMA to come and feed us or save us. When the SHTF they know that all that receive food stamps, SS, medicare, ObamaCare, will die waiting for them to come and help. Socialism is there end game.

The U. S. Constitution was written to keep us free from the government, the 2nd Amendment was written to help the people protect those freedoms. The U. S. Constitution doesn’t talk about Socialism or Communism only that we the people need to use the Constitution to keep the government from regulating, ruling the people with laws that make us buy something that we do not want to. ObamaCare is one but SS is another one. We have to pay the tax is not we go to jail. This is not Constitutional. They just found a way around the Constitution by making it a tax. Next will be a tax on guns, a tax on ammo and these taxes can keep on going up to a point where we the people can’t buy them anymore.