I’ve talked with other militia groups in the area. One, as it turns out, was featured on the TV show “Preppers,” no joke. I stopped any communication with them REAL fast. Another group which I’ve met once, seems to revel in running around in army camo fatigues, shooting airsoft and having military ranks from the lowly private up to officers! I’m too old to put up with that nonsense any more… Besides, I’m far more interested in regular guys who are located close to each other, interested in a “mutual assistance” type of deal.

And for someone in the Southern California area (where people rarely talk to their neighbors about *anything,*), having friendships with other people where such trust can be possible, is damn-near impossible. So my wife and I understand that we’re pretty much on our own, in SHTF. My family- who believes everything they see on TV- thinks I’m nuts, and they’re too far away to help anyway…

This is the ONE aspect I wish we could change in a significant way, but at least we’re acutely aware that we don’t have any REAL allies, when it matters most. And in a weird way, that simplifies life…