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Tolik, I love the idea of SS but it doesn’t work. Why because all the money you my father you father put into it was used by the government to fund other things. If SS would have been done the right way like have a fund that no one was able to use for other government expenses then yes it would have been great. It is out of money because the government used it’s money and gave the SS IOU’s paper, there are Trillions of dollars in IOU’s to the SS.

This is why it not a good program. My father also like his SS check but he is mad that the government used a lot of the SS money for there own use. This is the problem with Socialism were the government takes more and more of your pay check and then uses the monies for other expenses, projects.

The idea of SS was and still is a great idea if the government would leave it’s monies and not use it for other things.

I just see that everything the government does there is bad management of our monies.