Welcome Kim. Good to have you.

Like the others have said, the 08 crash opened a lot of eyes. Once you find out that Red Shield Ben just papered over the problem and funneled money to Wall Street, you come to the cold realization that you are on your own. The problem is still here, but grown to gigantic proportions… the next ‘crash’ will be for keeps.

I expect I’ll be bugging you about homeschooling… I am fed up to here (holding hand above my head) with this Common Core communist BS being foisted on my son… every day he comes home, I have to undo everything they’ve done, and then teach him properly, so I’m in a de facto state of homeschooling him anyways… other parents are almost in a state of revolt as well. I apologize ahead of time if I bug you about homeschooling too much… :)

Again, welcome.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1