Spending some quiet days at home doing mostly nothing…a welcome change. Although yes [Bushrat says I can’t sit still] I’m casually inventory-ing our stuff and stowing it a little better.

He got me a beautiful Damascus knife for Christmas. We opted out of the mad gift-giving years ago, but sometimes he gives me a little something that shows he put some thought into it. [A few years ago he got me solid chocolate ammo done up in cute little metal ‘ammo boxes’ ;) ]

Like Brulen, if we have some extra money, we get something we have been needing. Bushrat got a crossbow, assembling it now. Plus some gunsmithing tools. I already had gotten my 10-.22 takedown. Sooo, enjoying a light snow coming down outside–but mostly hanging out and gathering strength for the New Year ahead. Sometimes peace and quiet are the best gifts of all.