74 , in answer to the question of what has it given us in the past 100 years , here it is .
1. Mosin Nagants
2. AK 47’s
3 Tokarevs
4. a model of what not to follow and why .
5. a lot of very good looking Eastern European women not screwed up by modern western culture , of anything goes .
Number 2 , and especially number 5 , is something I very much appreciate . Look at it this way , in some states , the threat of a place becoming a Union shop is sometimes enough to make bad employers more reasonable . That should be a warning to we the people for governments treatment of us . Unfortunately , propaganda works ……..until things are so bad that the people wake up .
The only place Communism works well , is at the small or tribe level , but then again , thats more Socialism than Communism , Indian Tribes are an example of that . You have both Socialism and individualism at the same time .