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We try not to give gifts for Xmas. We usually buy a few more of the things we need. Bought some minus 33 merino wool underwear though.
Xmas day we went out to see Into the Woods.
The list of stuff we get to prep whatever depends on LoL… You could fool me I don’t think we have a plan anymore. We do what needs to be done.
A while ago I gave myself the Rawles novel, The Liberators. Also a Krav Maga book by Ben Keren… disrupt damage destroy disengage.
Finding the time to relax take a few walks and get away from it all is an important xmas activity. Opsecing the extended family to full black is the main objective of these holidays. The electronic chains are hard to break. One careless moment to answer the phone can lead to major complications. One email an attack. Looking forward to the new year. Let it snow let it snow let it snow.
Into the Woods was a black swan from Disney. It was a great end of year film.