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I agree, Freedom, the hungry people will go everywhere looking for food. It will take a little while before they do so, though. When their own supplies run out, regardless of how much they have, then they will go searching. It may be days or it be may be hours. In the case of going to the grocers and finding that their ATM card doesn’t work and they can’t buy food is when the insanity starts. That is when the looting of the grocers will start and then, when the grocers have been stripped, is when the folks will go to people they think may have food. Proximity to a city is the most dangerous immediately but then they will go to the countryside.
I do not think it will start right away though. Prices will go up first and people will just pay it until there is no more money left and no chance of getting more, such as a notice from the government agency saying sorry no more money until such and such happens.