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pokeranger, I understand you but you are wrong, communism can’t eliminate religion. Did it eliminate religion in Russia? No Did it eliminate religion in Poland? No Did it eliminate religion in Cuba? No In fact I have not found one county that communism was able to eliminate religion.

India like Cuba has had dictators of some type and I do understand that religion may create bad wars and violence, this has been going on since the beginning of time. No solution to that problem since we can’t take control of the mind. Man will always have war between each other.

But I would take Capitalism over every other system in the world. It is the only system that gives you the change your life by being free to work hard and building a business on your own.

Remember that I am talking about Capitalism here in the U. S. because many countries including India have a system of part Capitalism but it is not all there system is Capitalism.

Here we are starting to have a mix Capitalism/Socialism which has slowed down growth of the economy.