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As I see it, people will not be wandering the countryside looking for a safe place to be so much as they wil be looking for somebody that has some food to share, either wilingly or not so wilingly. They wil have exhausted their supply of soda pop or potatoe chips or such convenience foods and will have eaten both cans of pork and beans(substitute whatever easy-to-prepare foods are popular in your country or locale) and now will be looking to take yours. Sane people become insane people when their significant others are hungry and there is no place they can purchase more. At that point, there is little thought of others discomfort as your own families are more important. It is like the difference between a Recession and a Depression. A recession os when your neighbor loses his job and a depression is when you lose yours. It does not matter how civilized a population is, civility goes out the window in a SHTF situation that lasts a long time especially if there is no relief in sight. In that situation, the people at your door will not say “since you have 10 cans of beans, we will only take 2 cans and that way you will still have some for your family”. Instead they will take all of yours because they will still be hungry tomorrow. Ron S