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As i said both communism and capitalism HAD the same goal but they were diverted from it, by eliminating religion communist tried to make christian, jews, muslims and hindus equal and giving all of them the same economic rights..

yes communist govts are very bureaucratic and a pain in the ass but the original proposition was to create a equal society and the aspirations of the people were not realised. but i have seen religious violence first hand in india, neighbors and friends killing each other so forget about strangers.

and before 1991 life was hard in india as well as it was a pro communist country. the only medium of long distance travelling was train. people didnt have car then because there was two or three car makers and the prices was super high.

i am not saying communism is good but it eliminated religion which could have saved the lifes of thousand of people died in partition, 2002 riots , demolition of babri mosque , and violence against sikh after the assassination of indra gandhi and after 9/11 the violence against muslims was also high in india as well