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Freedom, things will be different here in the UK to the USA, first of all the British population will not become refugee’s, going to a family members house, a hotel or a motel maybe, but wondering around the countryside just hoping to find somewhere safe? nope, wont happen, not in any great numbers anyway, might be a few but we can deal with a few. and why would they come my way? there is nothing here for them, and in any case once your outside the local area(say a 13 mile radius) nobody’s heard of this place anyway, its such a small place even if you pass here…”blink”-and you’ll miss it!!! most will head for another city or an urban hub or just “somewhere ” they have heard there might…just might….be food. many will wait for “the government will save us”, I expect in any case in a serious life threatening/life changing event for the “die off” to be huge. I don’t trust other people, I never have and I never will, and I’m seriously not going to put my survival in the hands of some sheeple who dosent even know the meaning of “preparedness” and that’s all that is around here…..sheeple.

British Survivalist.